A Career of Service: Chuck March’s Story

Chuck March, RN, always had an interest in health care. Inspired by his mother who was a registered nurse, he knew early on that he wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives. He thought about becoming a physician assistant, but answered a call to serve in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. After 22 years, Chuck was seriously injured and medically retired from military service.

His recovery included three spinal surgeries and two years of rehab. During that time, the care Chuck received from his nurses helped him heal. It also reawakened his early aspiration to work in medicine.

“How well they did their jobs had a direct effect on how well I would recover and transition out of military service,” he said. “This sealed my decision to become a nurse. I wanted to be able to make the greatest impact on someone’s life when they need it the most. I could bring the same passion I had as a Marine and a soldier to this career. Nursing was another way to be in the service of others.”

Chuck knew he wanted to be in a position where he was continually challenged and care for patients with a variety of conditions.

“That’s why I chose Albany Med,” he said. “I knew this hospital would be at the forefront of medical treatment and care. I learn something different every single day here.”

As a nurse in Albany Med’s medical-surgical intensive care unit on D3N, Chuck helps care for some of the hospital’s most delicate patients and takes an active role in leading the unit. Chuck and his team have been at the bedsides of Covid-19 patients from the start of the pandemic. He believes the challenges his team faced united them like never before—and gave them an even greater passion for helping the sickest and most vulnerable members of our community.

“Albany Med is special because of the outstanding people who work here,” Chuck said. "I spent a good deal of my adult life with some of the bravest, most loyal and mentally tough individuals on the planet, people who were willing to sacrifice everything for their colleagues in arms and those they swore to protect. I see the same kind of commitment to patients and to each other here at Albany Med.”

Just like Chuck, you can find your passion in nursing at Albany Med. With competitive wages and benefits, team spirit and many pathways to Capitalize Your Career, you can be part of something big. Visit albanymedcareers.com today!