Visiting Hours

This page features information about visiting hours at Albany Medical Center.

Learn more about visiting hours at Columbia Memorial Health, Glens Falls Hospital, and Saratoga Hospital.

Albany Medical Center Visitor Policy

  • Visiting hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Two visitors at a time. Visitors may swap out during visiting hours.
  • Visitors must be 12 years or older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All visitors must enter through the B2 entrance.
  • Visitors to patients who are not on transmission-based precautions must perform hand hygiene prior to entering the patient’s room and repeat upon leaving the room.
  • Visitors to patients who are on enhanced droplet and contact precautions must wear a mask, eye shield, gown, and gloves and will be assisted with proper procedures and hand hygiene by staff.
  • All visitors must remain in the patient’s room for the duration of the visit.
  • Exceptions include, but are not limited to, visits for patients near the end of life, parents or guardians with hospitalized children, and birthing partners. More information about visitation exceptions can be found in the dropdown below. Please check with the nursing staff caring for your loved one if you have questions.

Patients may have one visitor within the waiting area and exam room.

Exceptions may be made to allow two visitors or caregivers within clinics including:

  • All pediatric visits
  • All women’s health clinics, including ultrasound appointments
  • Patients requiring special assistance

All clinics reserve the ability to restrict multiple visitors due to space constraints, social distancing requirements, and presiding infection prevention policy.

  • Admissions from the Emergency Department
    Adult patients admitted from the ED may have one support person see them for 15 minutes at the time of admission to a nursing unit. Pediatric patients admitted from the ED may have two parents (guardians) stay for the first 15 minutes. After that time only one support person may remain.
  • Surgical Services, Cath Lab & EP Lab
    Outpatients may have one support person accompany them into the hospital and stay in the waiting room until the patient is admitted to a nursing unit. After that,  they will be permitted to see the patient for up to 15 minutes. Inpatients may have one support person see the patient pre-operatively and then stay in the waiting room until the patient is admitted back to a floor when they will be permitted to see the patient for up to 15 minutes. Pediatric patients may have two parents stay with them for up to 15 minutes when admitted to the floor following their procedure, then only one support person may remain with the patient.
  • Labor and Delivery
    Two support people and a doula, if a patient has one, may be with the patient throughout labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period. For antepartum and postpartum patients, one support person may be present from admission until discharge to home.
  • Discharges to Skilled Nursing Facilities
    Patients being discharged to a skilled nursing facility may have up to two visitors for a total of one hour prior to discharge.
  • Family/POA & Medical Team Care Conferences
    When the medical team needs to meet in person with the family/POA of a patient to discuss plans of care, there may be value in the family/POA being able to see and talk to the patient. At the time of the meeting when the attending physician is present, up to four family/POA will be permitted to be at the patient’s bedside. Once the meeting has ended, visitation guidelines will resume.
  • End-of-life
    For patients in imminent end-of-life situations, defined as death being anticipated within 24 hours, two support people will be permitted bedside at any time. In the event the patient is a parent of a minor child, one adult support person and one child may be permitted at the patient’s bedside.
  • Clergy
    Clergy may visit patients at any time with the patient’s permission. They must be screened and cleared at the B2 entrance.