Sports Medicine

Therapy for Patients at All Levels of Athleticism

The Albany Med Health System's Sports and Exercise Medicine physicians specialize in the medical treatment of conditions such as ankle sprains, muscle strains, knee and shoulder injuries, and fractures. We also provide treatment for concussions, overuse injuries, and sports injuries.

Learn more about Sports Medicine in Latham from Albany Medical Center, Sports Medicine in Malta from the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group, and Sports Medicine in Hudson and Catskill from Columbia Memorial Health below.

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Albany Medical Center Sports Medicine in Latham

Our physicians are skilled in identifying causes and potential therapies for sports-related conditions in adults and children. We help patients safely get back to physical fitness and exercise in their daily lives – from professional, college, and high school athletes to those who want to stay active.

We are located in Latham.

  • Foot and ankle sprains and injuries
  • Hand, wrist, and elbow injuries
  • Joint conditions, including arthritis and gout
  • Knee injuries, including ligament, cartilage and growth plate
  • Overuse problems, including tendonitis and epicondylitis
  • Pelvis, hip and spine injuries
  • Shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff issues and multidirectional instability
  • Sports-related concussions
  • Stress fractures
  • Upper and lower back pain

We treat many more conditions. Contact us by using the Get Care section of this page to find out more.

Our physicians develop treatment programs and will provide patients with the necessary exercises and education to help prevent future injuries. We provide diagnostic testing, therapies, and treatments which include, but are not limited to:

  • Computerized neuropsychological testing for sports-related concussions
  • Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Gait analysis and treadmill testing
  • Injury prevention
  • Joint injections/aspirations
  • Treadmill exercise testing
  • X-ray lab on site

Top-Level Concussion Care

We treat the needs of athletes of all ages who have sustained sports-related head injuries, including possible concussions. This includes providing educational services to athletic directors and coaches in the region on the warning signs of concussions, preventive measures, and ways to recognize acute injuries on the field.

We are certified to use ImPACT, the latest concussion technology.

Patients appropriate for referral include:

  • Concussions (suspected or identified)
  • Head injuries and headaches
  • Decisions for formerly concussed athletes regarding return to play, school or work

What patients can expect:

A multimodal evaluation process that includes a clinical examination, computerized neuropsychological assessment, treadmill exercise testing, and balance evaluation. Expert rehabilitative and symptom-management services are provided, as well as guidance on decisions about returning to play, school and work.

We use proven and innovative technology to offer the best care in a comfortable environment.

  • Blood tests
  • Access to radiology imaging at local facilities via a secure website
  • ImPACT software for concussion management
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound

Our outpatient exercise lab includes a treadmill and a separate shower facility. Patients have access to gait analysis, treadmill testing, and lactate threshold testing. These services are mainly offered to athletes who wish to improve athletic performance. We also provide the necessary tests to manage, treat, and prevent sports-related injuries.

Saratoga Hospital Sports Medicine in Malta

Sports medicine works with patients of all ages, emphasizing the importance of exercise in promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping to prevent injuries and illness. The practice specializes in treating injuries unique to physical exertion through sports and recreation or physically demanding labor, as well as injuries and illness related to inactivity.

The initial consultation will take a comprehensive look at the patient’s current level of physical activity, training techniques, posture, nutrition, prior injuries, and overall medical history to find healthy, long-term solutions. The practice has an integrated approach, focusing on the whole person and setting age-appropriate goals for athletic performance and overall wellness.

Our Approach

Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Sports Medicine offers our patients an outstanding team, including a board-certified, fellowship-trained physician, employing the most up-to-date equipment and advanced diagnostic techniques to help patients of all ages lay the foundation for long-term good health through regular exercise.

Among other concerns, our practice addresses improving athletic performance, injury prevention, school sports physicals, age- and ability-appropriate personal fitness regimens, athletic or work injuries, overuse injuries, sprains, dislocations, fractures, concussions, cartilage injuries, tendonitis, heat illness, and exercise-induced asthma.

We offer:

  • Biomechanics (including gait analysis using treadmill biomechanics)
  • Imaging
  • Injury Treatment (including platelet-rich plasma injections to treat muscle, tendon, and joint injuries)
  • Physical Education
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound
  • Exercise Physiology (including VO2max and resting metabolic rate evaluation)
  • Sports Physicals

We are located in Malta.

Sports Medicine in Hudson & Catskill

Offered by Columbia Memorial Bone & Joint Center, the program specializes in caring for all of your sports medicine needs.

Whether you are a high school athlete, an industrial athlete, a weekend warrior, or compete professionally, Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to help you achieve your goals. Our sports medicine team is made up of primary sports medicine specialists, sports medicine-trained orthopedic surgeons, certified athletic trainers and physical therapists, as well as certified strength and conditioning coaches. Together we collaborate to ensure you receive the top quality care you deserve.

We Want to be Your Team Physician

Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine is currently reaching out to the community and offering its sports health expertise for your team. We can provide your school’s sports programs with top quality sports physicians and athletic trainers. Benefits of this proven model include improved safety for your athletes, improved health care access, and quicker return to play.

Medical Coverage for Your Next Sporting Event

Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine has the experience and knowledge to provide medical coverage for your next event. Whether it is a one-thousand-person marathon, a 100-mile road race, or the local 5k, we can provide the medical planning and staffing to make it safe and successful.

Concussion Care

Columbia Memorial Sports Medicine not only cares for your musculoskeletal needs, we also are trained in the latest diagnostic and treatment tools for concussions. Concussion diagnosis and treatment are evolving every day and sports medicine specialists are at the forefront of this change. Take every head injury seriously. Don’t let yourself or your loved one succumb to the long-term effects of traumatic brain injury. Let us help ensure the safest and fullest recovery.

We are located and can be reached in Hudson and Catskill.