Saratoga Hospital Unveils PET/CT System

Saratoga Hospital, a member of the Albany Med Health System, announced the addition of the GE Healthcare Omni Legend PET/CT system to its leading-edge medical imaging services at the Saratoga Hospital Wilton Medical Arts location at 3040 Rt. 50 in Wilton. This advanced technology marks a significant milestone in the hospital's commitment to providing exceptional patient care and diagnostic accuracy to the community.

The new system is designed with the flexibility to scan with new, emerging tracers. The first of its kind in the region, it can enable health care professionals to detect and diagnose diseases at an earlier stage, leading to possibly more effective treatment plans and improved outcomes for oncology, neurology, and cardiology, including cardiac PET imaging.

Key features of the new system include:

  • High-resolution imaging for detailed anatomical and functional insights
  • Faster scan times, reducing patient discomfort and wait times
  • Enhanced image quality for more accurate diagnoses
  • Higher accuracy in diagnosing cardiac disease before symptoms are present, with lower radiation exposure than traditional stress testing

Additionally, the system includes new features to make the scan as relaxing as possible for patients. The system features LED ambient lighting to help create a calming mood as well as a graphic pattern on the upper area of the bore to help with both alleviating stress and reducing movement for nervous patients.

“We are thrilled to introduce this advanced technology to our community and our region,” said Jill VanKuren, president and CEO of Saratoga Hospital. “This innovative technology reinforces our dedication to delivering the highest quality of care to our community and will allow us to care for more patients across more care areas. Our team of skilled radiologists and technologists are fully trained and excited to operate the new system, which ensures optimal performance and safety for our patients.”