Never Stop Caring: Fate Micarsos' Story

Fate Micarsos, RN, BSN, has worked in Albany Med’s adult emergency department since she arrived in America from the Philippines in 2017. Early on, she was inspired by her brother who was a school nurse. She recalls listening intently as he talked to her about every aspect of his work. When she became a nurse in the Philippines, she immediately knew that emergency medicine was the specialty for her.

“I realized I work well under pressure,” she said. “I can maintain a level head when urgent needs arise. I love working in a fast-paced environment and can stay in control. And the ED is certainly a place to exercise those skills.”

Because of her experience overseas, Fate was immediately assigned to the ED when she came to Albany Med. Despite the challenge of settling in a new country, Fate said she became stronger and wiser.

It was fate that led Fate to our team.

“Albany Med helped me live my American dream,” she explained. “You learn something every single day you come to work here in the ED. Most of all, I am fortunate to belong to such an awesome team that became my family. Some days are rough, but we never stop caring. We make it through our shifts because of our great teamwork. Here, you are never alone.”

Albany Med is one of the busiest trauma centers in New York state. As a Level 1 Trauma Center, the emergency team works around the clock to provide the most advanced care found in northeastern New York. Fate said she’s amazed every day by the exceptional quality, compassionate care her colleagues provide patients every day. The impact it has on patients and their families is something that stays close to her heart.

“I am fortunate to care for patients with the most complex needs in trauma, stroke, heart and more. Albany Med molded me to become who I am now. And whenever a patient recognizes me and introduces me to their family saying I helped take care of them, that makes me proud to be a nurse. A simple and sincere thank you from my patients, a hug from a member of their families, or even a simple recognition from your coworkers for doing the right thing is more than enough.”

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