Making the Magic Happen: Tiffany Allaway’s Story

Tiffany Allaway is well known throughout Albany Med. As the administrative coordinator to Albany Med’s chief nursing officer, Tiffany manages the day-to-day organizational activity in the Nursing Department. This also means she works closely with many members of the entire workforce from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Tiffany’s career with Albany Med began 13 years ago when she accepted a position in Outpatient Psychiatry as an administrative support associate. She had recently moved back to the area after college in New York City and was looking for her first full-time job.

“In a way, Albany Med chose me,” she explained. “I applied to Albany Med because I wanted to meet new people and explore new opportunities. The organization took a chance on me and helped me to grow and learn new skills.”

A few years later, Tiffany advanced to the Inpatient Psychiatry unit. Then, in 2015, she was tapped to serve as the administrative coordinator to the chief nursing officer – a role she continues to hold.

Tiffany said she has chosen to stay at Albany Med because of the relationships she’s made, the communities we serve and the opportunities for growth she has seen and experienced first-hand. She even completed her Master of Business Administration with the help of Albany Med’s tuition reimbursement program.

But what’s Tiffany’s favorite part of her job? “Making the magic happen,” she said. “Sometimes I walk around and see the things I’ve done, the little things that make other people smile; they don’t even know it’s me. People don’t always realize that extra little detail is you.”

Tiffany encourages anyone thinking about joining the Albany Med team to apply without delay.

She exclaimed, “What are you waiting for? We are happy to have you join us! Come take advantage of all the opportunities that Albany Med has to offer.”