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With myAlbanyMed, patients can manage their health information and communicate with providers in a secure, online environment - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Once you create an account, you will be prompted to search for and connect with available providers in your area.

Member Log-in

More information on creating an account and navigating myAlbanyMed can be found below. Instructional videos can be found here.

More information on telehealth visits can be found here. Telehealth visits for Albany Medical Center patients are coordinated through myAlbanyMed.

New to myAlbanyMed?

myAlbanyMed is a secure, online patient portal that allows you to easily manage your personal health information online, anytime.

With myAlbanyMed you can:

  • Review and sign documents to save time before your appointment with mobile check-in
  • View your clinical discharge and visit summaries
  • Message your doctor's office
  • Request appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Create and manage accounts on another's behalf (consent required)

Patients who have received care at Albany Medical Center are eligible to enroll in myAlbanyMed. Contact your provider's office to find out if they are actively participating or for more information.

Hospital Stay

After a hospital stay at Albany Medical Center, you will be able to view your clinical discharge and visit summaries that will appear in your portal account 24-48 hours following your discharge.

Logging in: Go to myAlbanyMed and use the Member Log-In button. You will need your username and password to access the portal.

Forgotten Username or Password: Follow the links under the Sign In button on the log-in page.

My Invitation and Code: Check your spam or junk folders if you do not see an invitation. Unique invitation codes can be obtained from your doctor’s office. Submit a request through our online form if you have additional questions.

Connect My Information: Go to My Account at the top of the page and select My Connections. Verify that Albany Medical Center is in the With Providers and Healthcare Organizations. If Albany Medical Center is not listed, Add Organization to continue.

Items From Last Visit: Please allow up to 24 hours from your visit or discharge for updated medical information to appear. Certain test results can take up to four days to appear.

Request or Cancel an Appointment: To request an appointment, go to Schedule an Appointment at the top of the page, fill out the request, and Submit. To cancel an appointment, go to the appointment you’d like to cancel and select Cancel or Reschedule at the top of the Upcoming Appointment page.

Questions About Medical Data: Please contact your provider’s office directly. If you’ve recently been hospitalized, contact your primary care provider.

For additional support, please complete this form. A member of the support team will contact you direct if additional assistance is needed.

Once you are enrolled in our myAlbanyMed patient portal, you’ll have the ability to connect your health data to a compatible Healthcare App.

Connecting Your Health Information To Another Healthcare App

MyLinks is available to Albany Medical Center patients. To connect your data, establish a myAlbanyMed account. Then, create a user account for the health care app you wish to link to. Within that app, find the location to connect your health care data, search for Albany Medical Center, and use your myAlbanyMed credentials to authorize the connection.

Note: You can use the myAlbanyMed portal without sharing your information with any other application. 

Your health data that you chose to share with a compatible health care app may no longer be subject to federal laws and regulations that apply to an individual's protected health information. Sharing your health information with a health care app may become subject to further disclosure. By proceeding it will allow the application access to your personal health information with different policies than Albany Medical Center and FollowMyHealth (myAlbanyMed). Please review Terms of Use and the vendor's policies of the application you choose. Albany Medical Center does not provide technical support for any third-party health care app.

The myAlbanyMed patient portal provides secure, online access to personal health information online. Most records and test results for outpatient visits within the Albany Medical Center Physicians Group will be immediately sent to portal accounts.

These portal options help meet rules added to the 21st Century Cures Act by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April 2021. The Cures Act is a federal law that expands patient’s rights to access health care information electronically.

With immediate access to records and test results, many patients may see records or test results before their health care provider. Some test results are easy to understand, but others require more context and explanation by a provider. Without proper context, reading some results may cause some patients to worry or be upset. Albany Medical Center encourages patients to speak with their provider about the nature of the tests beforehand and to make a plan to have health information properly explained.

We will contact patients promptly by phone and through the portal with any critical results that require immediate action.

What Health Records Will Be in My Portal Account?

  • Lab test results
  • Pathology results
  • Medical reports
  • Certain notes about treatment

myAlbanyMed offers a secure way for established patients to access and view parts of their Albany Medical Center health information. By enrolling, you will create a personal account which will enable you to view your Albany Medical Center health information in a secure and confidential environment. With any online use of confidential information there are inherent risks. The information presented in the Terms of Use is intended to make you aware of the risks and our policies to protect your data. By enrolling, you agree to Albany Med Health System's Terms of Use, and accept the risks described in the Terms of Use as well as the Informed Consent and User Agreement form.

How the Secure Patient Portal Works

A secure web portal is a kind of webpage that uses encryption to keep unauthorized persons from reading communications, information or attachments. Secure messages and information can only be read by someone who knows the correct username and password to log in to the portal site.

Protecting Your Private Health Information and Risks

This method of communication prevents unauthorized parties from being able to access or read messages while they are in transmission. However, keeping messages secure depends on two additional factors: the secure message must reach the correct email address and only the correct individual (or someone authorized by that individual) must be able to access it. Only you can make sure these two factors are present. Please make sure we have your correct personal email address. A personal email address is required for the portal to securely send an invitation. The patient will only receive notifications from the portal at the email address provided and has the ability to change their notification settings once inside their portal account. Users also need to keep track of who has access to your email account; so that only you, or someone you authorize, can see the messages you receive from us.


By accepting the terms of use when creating a portal account, you authorize Albany Medical Center and the Albany Medical Center Faculty Physicians to release (disclose) information to myAlbanyMed (patient portal). You understand that the information released may include confidential records regarding psychological or psychiatric conditions or treatment, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, drug use and / or alcoholism, confidential HIV information as defined by law, including without limitation information regarding treatment of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or associated conditions, and / or test orders or results relative to HIV infection.


If you have a child who sees an Albany Medical Center physician or if you are actively involved in the care of an adult family member who sees an Albany Medical Center physician you can apply for "proxy access" to view parts of your family member's medical record through myAlbanyMed. View and download the proxy form as a PDF


Proxy access is only granted to a parent or permanent legal guardian until the minor turns 12 years old. Information transmitted prior to the minor turning 12 years old will remain accessible; however any additional information following the minor's 12th birthday will not appear in the portal account.

Due to New York State confidentiality laws which restrict disclosure of some forms of medical diagnosis and treatment, Albany Medical Center is unable to provide broad parental or guardian access to electronic health information through its patient portal for children ages 12-18. You may request a copy of your child's health information by emailing Albany Medical Center's Health Information Services at [email protected].

Individuals who wish to request a proxy account for a minor child must either have parental or legal guardianship rights and will be asked to complete and sign Albany Medical Center's Proxy Access Request and Authorization Form.

Permanent legal guardians of the patient must also have a copy of the court order appointing guardianship and letters of guardianship verifying the proxy's status as the permanent legal guardian of the patient.


Individuals who wish to request a proxy account on behalf of another adult must either have court ordered legal guardianship or Power of Attorney for health care and will be asked to complete and sign Albany Medical Center's Proxy Access Request and Authorization Form.

Legal guardians or individuals with Power of Attorney for health care are also required to submit a copy of the legal documentation verifying his or her status as the permanent legal guardian of the patient.

Conditions of Participating in myAlbanyMed

Access to this secure web portal is an optional service and we may suspend or terminate access at any time and for any reason. If we do suspend or terminate this service, we will notify you as promptly as we reasonably can. By accepting the terms of use when creating a portal account, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to comply with Albany Med Health System and the Albany Medical Center Faculty Physicians' terms of use. The Patient Portal is hosted by FollowMyHealth, an Omnibus Business Associate of Albany Medical Center. Learn more about terms of use by visiting the FollowMyHealth Terms of Service web page.

If you do not understand or do not agree to comply with or do not consent to our policies and procedures, please do not enroll in myAlbanyMed. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us by filling out the support form.

The FollowMyHealth Terms of Use referenced are available from FollowMyHealth: FollowMyHealth Terms of Use.

The FollowMyHealth Privacy Policy is available from FollowMyHealth: FollowMyHealth Privacy Policy.

If you do not understand or do not agree to comply with, or do not consent to, all required policies and procedures, please do not sign the Consent and User Agreement form.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email Albany Medical Center's Health Information Services office at [email protected].