Alumni Spotlight

Vera and Gary Sutter, MD '76

Vera and Gary Sutter, MD ’76, loyal scholarship donors, have savored each and every letter along the way. Sadly, Vera passed away in 2019. Inspired by Vera, Dr. Sutter continues to be an extraordinary advocate for his alma mater. Gary has served on the Alumni Association Board since 2014 and has enjoyed supporting students through the Vera J. and Gary L. Sutter, MD ’76 Endowed Scholarship since its establishment in 2012.

If you ask Dr. Sutter why he feels so strongly about philanthropy and why he continues to support Albany Medical College, he answers, simply, “inspiration.” He was inspired by Vera to attend Albany Medical College on the East Coast, far from his West Coast roots. He was inspired by his fellow medical students as they worked multiple jobs to support themselves and stay on top of their studies. He was inspired by his family to give back even when they were living paycheck to paycheck. And, he was inspired by fellow alumnus, David Falk, MD ’43, who recently passed away at the age of 104, who joined his wife in their dedication to giving back to Albany Medical College for more than 40 years.

Most of all, Gary is inspired by the students who write notes of appreciation each November, describing their hopes and fears for the future and their passion for medicine. He feels indebted to the College that once took a chance on him and wants today’s students to not sacrifice their dreams because of financial challenges.

To Dr. Sutter and his late wife, Vera, giving back to Albany Medical College “warmed their hearts.” Their proud tradition continues through the hardworking and compassionate students they have supported and lives on with future Sutter Scholars.