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This page features post-operation testimonials from Saratoga Bariatric Center patients. Each success story required a team effort between our staff and the patient, from the consultation phase through to recovery. If you've decided to explore bariatric surgery as a weight loss option, the first step is to attend one of our informational seminars.

These seminars make it easy to learn everything you need to know - from our team's qualifications to what to expect and how to get started on your weight-loss journey.

Learn how bariatric surgery can help treat chronic health conditions related to obesity, including: Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and hypertension.

These sessions offer the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions to help you prepare for a one-on-one consultation with our bariatric surgeon.

We encourage you to read below what people are saying about their experience at the Saratoga Bariatric Center. If you decide to attend a seminar, we recommend bringing a support person so the two of you can hear, firsthand, about our program and our successes.

What patients are saying

"Dr. Baranov is top notch! He and his office really put me at ease when I decided to do the surgery. They walked me through each step that had to be done prior to the surgery. I'm home healing now and I feel great. Dr. Baranov even called me at home on Sunday evening to check my progress. I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

- Kara



"I have struggled with my weight most of my life and have tried every diet out there with little to no success. I had thought about bariatric surgery for a long time, but like many was afraid. Last year I was 400 pounds with sleep apnea, high blood pressure and type two diabetes. I decided to talk to my primary and she referred me to [the Saratoga Bariatric Center].

In my six-month run up to surgery I learned a number of things about my health - besides the strain my weight was putting on my body. His staff set up appointments for me with the local sleep center where I found out I have severe sleep apnea. The doctor assigned to address my varicose veins has begun a program to rid me of complications. The psychologist visits helped me iron out some issues and made sure I understood the path I must now walk. The numerous discussions with his nutritionists have helped me to understand why I need to eat the way they suggest. None of this would have been brought to my attention or been made available to me without the roadmap provided by Dr. Baranov and his professional staff. since my surgery I have been contacted by his office on more than one occasion to make sure i am doing OK. When I need information, I have never had to wait for it. I didn't know what to expect on this lengthy, intense journey. Now that it's over, I can't believe how easy it all was. All the credit goes to the good doctor and his incredible office."

- Kevin


Personalized, compassionate care

"Dr. Baranov took amazing care of me, and his whole staff during the hospital stay was wonderful. He even stopped by the next morning to check on me himself. I stayed one night in the hospital, and was sent home to continue my recovery. I also received a phone call from Dr. Baranov days later checking on me again. I’ve had no pain at all, and that is something I did not expect. I’m healing beautifully. All you have to do is follow his directions, and everything will go exactly to plan. I can not thank Dr. Baranov and his team enough for taking such great care of me. I’m so excited to continue my journey, and change my life! Dr. Baranov and his team really are the absolute best."

- Melissa



"I feel that Dr. Baranov has helped to save my life. I have struggled with obesity since I was a child. I’ve tried every diet out there, and I would lose weight, and then I would gain it back - plus some. I was tired of feeling tired! I needed to do something to get healthy again.

With the support and guidance of Dr. Baranov’s staff, I have lost 110 pounds in a year after bariatric surgery, and I’m still losing weight. My weight loss journey has been amazing. It is so wonderful to hear compliments, and to feel so much better about myself. I feel I can walk into a room and not feel that I’m being judged for being obese. I can walk in a room with pride in knowing I have come a long way! I can smile brighter now!

You will know when you’re ready to take this major step. It is a tool for you to make the best use of losing your excess weight. If you listen to what Dr. Baranov tells you to do, then you will truly succeed. You will look into the mirror and see the reflection of your success."

- Faith

Dr. Baranov is an artist when it comes to bariatric surgery. There are not enough words to describe how pleased I was with him and his practice. I would highly recommend Dr. Baranov if you're looking for help losing weight. Sign up for his information session, it changed my life!”
A. Finelli

Life after surgery

What can you expect after bariatric surgery? A well-performed bariatric operation is important to your success, but it is not the only important thing.

Acclimating yourself to life after weight-loss surgery is another very important part of the process. Making that adjustment sounds easy – what could be easier than feeling fit and healthy?

It turns out, however, that making a smooth transition can be a little tricky, and even the best of us can use the expert coaching that an experienced program can provide.

At the Saratoga Bariatric and Weight-Loss Program, we understand this. Our interest in your well-being does not stop after the surgery. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure that you have the tools you need to maximize your success and overall wellness.

We hold support groups on a monthly basis. Support groups are open to all and discussion topics vary. You can view our upcoming schedule on the events page.

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