‘The Nurses Our Patients Would Want’: Two Generations Find Their Place at Albany Medical Center

For 16 years, Albany Medical Center has been home to Analyn Nocus, RN. It’s where she honed her skills as a bedside nurse and ultimately transitioned into a leadership position as nurse manager in the medical surgical unit on M4. Now, it’s where Analyn can watch her children experience that same growth.

“It’s always been home to me,” Analyn said. “I will never go somewhere else because I know it played a huge role in my life. I know in my heart I have good support here. And now I see my kids here as well and can watch them grow professionally.”

“My biggest role model is my mom,” said John Nocus, RN.

His sister, Gianne Nocus, RN, agreed. “She’s our inspiration.”

Neither John nor Gianne had expected to become nurses. In high school, John was active in music and considering a career in that industry. Gianne said she had thought she would go into teaching—like her maternal grandparents—or a similar career. However, they both found that going into nursing felt natural.

“I think the person that I am, it just matched,” said Gianne. She has worked as a nurse since she graduated in May 2021. She first started in a cardiac unit but found that pediatric care was more suited to her. She currently works in the postpartum unit. “I love that I get to bring joy to people.”

John has worked at Albany Medical Center in the post anesthesia unit since September 2022. “The most satisfying part is seeing a patient’s progression and being a part of their recovery, even in that short amount of time, but I do always want to know how they do after.”

Analyn’s oldest son has also returned to school to become a nurse.

In 2007, Analyn and her family moved to the area from the Philippines as part of Albany Medical Center’s recruitment program. She said the move was to provide her family with more options and opportunities.

“We, my husband and I, wanted to give our kids the quality of life that they deserve,” Analyn said. “The opportunities that my kids have here are much different from what I had back home. There’s so much you can do in nursing, and I’m proud knowing that I have given them enough guidance and enough wisdom to pursue what they want to pursue. They are the nurses our patients would want to have.”