Columbia Memorial Health Pediatricians Join “Prescriptions for Play”

National Movement Designed to Improve Children’s Health

Pediatricians at Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) pediatric practices located in Hudson, Catskill and Valatie have joined the “Prescription for Play” initiative designed to promote the positive impact of play on the physical and psychological wellness of children.

The national program is sponsored by toymaker LEGO, which is providing free block sets and associated materials.

CMH Pediatrician Dr. Maria Covington said: “There is a great deal of value in playtime that’s healthy not only for the child but also for the caregiver adult who spends time playing with the child. We’ve joined this national initiative to shine a light on the critical importance of attending to the wellness needs of children, which begins with regular well-child visits to their pediatrician.”

The importance of play for supporting the healthy cognitive, physical, social, creative and emotional development of children is well established. In particular, for children living in poverty and experiencing forms of traumatic stress, play may offer even more significant lifelong benefits. Research also shows that interventions that educate caregivers on the importance of play for healthy development have shown promise in increasing the likelihood that caregivers will engage in play with their child.

To schedule a well-child visit or for other pediatric care needs, call CMH Pediatrics at: Hudson 518-828-4125; Catskill 518-943-2557; or Valatie 518-392-2277.