Columbia Memorial Health Joins Global Humanitarian Response by Donating $33,000 In Medical Supplies to the People of Ukraine

Columbia Memorial Health recently donated $33,000 in medical supplies to aid the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. The supplies, which total more than 22,000 articles, include alcohol wipes, face masks, and surgical gowns, caps and shoe covers. The donation was made in response to a request from St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Pictured above with the pallets of supplies are Justin Barnett, CMH’s Supply Chain Manager and Reverend Wolodymir Paszko of St. Michael’s Church.

Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) today announced it has joined the global humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine by donating more than $33,000 in medical supplies. The war has created critical shortages of basic supplies that are essential to providing effective medical care to wounded Ukrainian civilians.

The donated supplies, totaling more than 22,000 items, include bleach wipes, face masks, and surgical gowns, caps, and shoe covers. The donation was made in response to a request from the Reverend Wolodymir Paszko of Saint Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Hudson.

Dorothy Urschel, CMH Chief Operating Officer, said: “The world is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and we are grateful and proud to have a small role in that response. At our core CMH is a community-centered health care organization, and as we have seen elsewhere with the overwhelming global response to the war, our community in this moment extends to the people of Ukraine.”

The Reverend Paszko said: “I want to thank Columbia Memorial Health for their generous donation. The supplies are already on their way to Ukraine. I also want to thank the entire community not only for their donations but also for their understanding of what is happening in Ukraine, and how it is a problem for the whole world.”