A Century of Caring

Saratoga Hospital Marks 100 Years of Maternity Services

On Dec. 17, 2023, Saratoga Hospital celebrated a monumental milestone, marking a century of nurturing lives and fostering beginnings with the 100th anniversary of the Saratoga Hospital Maternity Unit. Since its establishment on Dec. 17, 1923, the unit has been a beacon of hope throughout the decades, welcoming more than 60,000 babies to the Saratoga community.

The vision to establish this sanctuary of birth was propelled by the collective spirit of Saratoga’s community. In August 1922, a campaign aimed to raise $100,000 for the construction and equipping of a maternity addition. Driven by the generosity of businesses and individuals, including the Saratoga Racing Association, which later became NYRA in 1955, the campaign exceeded expectations, amassing nearly $120,000 in support of the new unit. Construction commenced swiftly, and by Dec. 1923, the doors opened to a new era of health care for mothers and newborns.

The foundational support for the new unit extended beyond financial contributions. The Flower and Fruit Mission, a local not-for-profit organization that has supported women’s health services at Saratoga Hospital for nearly 120 years, equipped the delivery room with essential furniture. The unit also consisted of nurseries and 20 beds in private and semi-private rooms. Through the decades, maternity services have evolved, embracing advancements in medical care, and strengthening capacity to meet the Saratoga region’s needs.

Beyond statistics, the Saratoga Hospital maternity unit resonates with stories of triumph, hope, and the resilience of the human spirit. It’s a testament to the unwavering support of the community, the profound bond between families and the institution, and the tireless efforts of health care providers. Amy Knoeller, MD, has been delivering babies at Saratoga Hospital for more than 31 years.

She said, “Over the years, I have welcomed generations of Saratogians into our community. We are so happy to be able to celebrate the enduring spirit of maternity services and the journey of compassion, care, and timeless miracle of birth. It's a very exciting time for us."

Staff and community members commemorated the milestone with a celebration at the hospital, and collected diapers for Wellspring, a domestic violence and sexual assault services resource for Saratoga County.

During the celebration, President and CEO Jill J. VanKuren said: “As we commemorate a century of excellence in maternity services, our hospital remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional care and embracing innovation. Here’s to a century of milestones, and to the countless stories of new beginnings written within our walls and beyond them in our community."