Synonyms: 25-OH VITAMIN D
Computer Code: (PVITD)
Specimen Collection: 5 mL blood red or gold top tube.
Minimum Volume: 1.0
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Allow to clot, centrifuge for 20 min, remove serum, freeze. Min 0.3 serum.
Reference Values: <20 ng/ml = Deficiency 20 to <30 ng/ml = Mild Deficiency 30 - 100 ng/ml = Optimal >100 ng/ml = Possible Toxicity Note: Season, race and dietary intake are all known to affect the normal levels of 25-OH-D. 25-OH-D values correlate well with U.V. radiation exposure. Highest levels of 25-OH-D are found during the summer months and lowest levels during the winter. Race has also been shown to significantly influence the normal levels of 25-OH-D. It has been reported that the mean plasma level of 25-OH-D in whites is greater than in blacks.
Lab Code: S
Requisition: CC
Test Frequency: Daily
Routine TAT: 1 day
Stat TAT: NA
CPT Code(s): 82306
Methodology Used:
See Addendum XVII