Synonyms: Ascorbic Acid
Computer Code: (RVITC)
Specimen Collection: 4 mL blood (Lithium heparin green). Place on ice. Protect from light. Deliver immediately to Special Chemistry.
Minimum Volume: 1 mL
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Centrifuge, remove plasma, transfer to amber tube, freeze. If amber tube is unavailable, cover entire transport tube in foil and freeze. Min 0.5 mL plasma. Remove from cells immediately. Must be frozen within 4 hrs of centrifugation.
Reference Values: See reference laboratory report.
Lab Code: CC REF
Requisition: SPEC C
Test Frequency: NA
Routine TAT: 7 days
Stat TAT: N/A
CPT Code(s): 82180
Methodology Used:
See Addendum XVII