Synonyms: PFA Platelet Screening with Epinephrine
Computer Code: (PEPI)
Specimen Collection: Two 2.7 mL blue top (citrate) tubes AND 2 mL lavender (EDTA) tube; 21 gauge or larger, no pneumatic system should be used, mixed by gentle inversion.
Minimum Volume: 2.7 mL blue 1.5 mL lav
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Handling instructions for off site areas: Keep at room temperature (DO NOT REFRIGERATE) Do not centrifuge Send to AMCH Hematology lab within 2 hours of collect time In house: Should meet the same criteria as off site plus, do not use tube system to transport specimen to lab, walk it down to the lab receiving area, sending by tube system activates the platelets which causes the sample to be "UNSUITABLE" for testing.
Reference Values: 80-184 seconds
Lab Code: HEM
Requisition: C/H
Test Frequency: Daily
Routine TAT: 4 hrs (from collect time)
Stat TAT: 1 hr (from receive time)
CPT Code(s): 85576
Methodology Used:
See Addendum XVII