PLATELET P2Y12 RECEPTOR ACTIVITY *Special tube required, call Hematology with questions*

Synonyms: Verify-Now P2Y12
Computer Code: (PP2RA)
Specimen Collection: Call Hematology with any questions. Greiner Bio-one tube required. Draw 2-"2ml 9NC Coagulation sodium citrate 3.2%" collective tubes. Tube has a white ring on the blue cap. Specimens only acceptable in these specific tubes. Must walk to the samples to the lab ASAP, the test is only good for a limited time. NO pneumatic tube system should be used as it will effect results. Must walk samples to lab, keep at room temperature. 21 gauge or larger or may cause erroneous results.
Minimum Volume: 2 - 2 mL 9NC Coagulation sodium citrate 3.2% collective tube. Fill both tubes to capacity. Do not draw BD vacutainer 2.7mL or 1.8mL blue sodium citrate tubes for this test. Call Hematology with questions
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: To be drawn at main campus at AMCH. Transport specimen at room temperature. Causes for rejection: Wrong tube (any blue other than blue sodium citrate with white ring on lid is incorrect) only drawing 1 tube, you need two tubes draw tubes to capacity, or to black arrow on the side >4 hours post draw, test is only good for a limited time pneumatic tube system, increase platelet activity, erroneous results 20 gauge or smaller needle, erroneous results temperature- needs to be at room temperature
Reference Values: P2Y12 R = 194-418 PRU P2Y12 B = 194-418 Baseline PRU P2Y12 I = <20% Inhibition
Lab Code: HEM
Requisition: C/H
Test Frequency: 24 hours a day
Routine TAT: 2 hrs
Stat TAT: 2 hrs
CPT Code(s): 85576x2
Methodology Used:
See Addendum XVII