Synonyms: Anti Xa level for unfractionated heparin
Computer Code: UFH
Specimen Collection: 2.7 mL blood (blue top tube) 90% full or 1.8 ml blood (blue top tube) 90% full. Transport to lab within 3 hours.
Minimum Volume: blood to anticoagulant ratio must be met 90% full
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Maintain at room temperature. If specimen cannot be transported within 2 hours, centrifuge at 3,000 rpm for 20 minutes. Using a plastic pipette, transfer plasma to plastic tube and freeze plasma.
Reference Values: Not applicable
Lab Code: Hematology
Requisition: SPEC H
Test Frequency: Weekly
Routine TAT: 4 hrs
Stat TAT: contact lab
CPT Code(s): 85520
Methodology Used:
See Addendum XVII