Synonyms: Tissue Culture, Non-Quantitative
Computer Code: TISCS
Specimen Collection: 1-2 cm tissue in a sterile capped container. Sample the advancing margin or active area of infection. Debride and rinse open wound with sterile non-bacteriostatic saline. Do not send necrotic material. Do not send very large pieces. Moisten with a small amount of sterile saline.
Minimum Volume:
Handling Instructions for Offsite Areas: Transport at room temperature within 24 hours.
Reference Values: No growth. Any organism isolated may be considered a potential pathogen. Surgically obtained specimens other than debridements are not quantitative. Identification and/or susceptibility performed if indicated.
Lab Code: Microbiology
Requisition: MICRO
Test Frequency: Daily
Routine TAT: Neg: 5 days Pos: 2-5 days
Stat TAT: gram stain only: 60 mins from receipt
CPT Code(s): 87070, 87205
Methodology Used:
See Addendum XVII