Neurology at Saratoga Hospital

Comprehensive Neurology Care

Neurology at Saratoga Hospital Medical Group focuses on diagnosing and treating neurological conditions, from headaches and seizures to memory loss to autoimmune diseases. We work closely with patients, helping you manage your symptoms and get the most out of life.

We specialize in caring for adult patients who have disorders that affect the brain or nervous system. Examples include, but are not limited to, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), dementia, epilepsy, migraines, multiple sclerosis (MS), neuropathy (numbness and burning), Parkinson's disease, and stroke.

As a member of the Albany Med Health System, we can seamlessly connect you to the multidisciplinary team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, and physiatrists at the Neuroscience Institute at Albany Medical Center. Through an innovative collaboration, we also provide 24/7 access to teleneurology services, including emergency telestroke care.

Lindsay Ferraro, MD
"Our goal is to truly get to know our patients so we can customize your care to reflect your needs and values. That includes providing information and education to help you understand and manage your condition and enhance your quality of life." ”
Lindsay Ferraro, MD

Expert Care That Empowers Patients

We offer expert care from specialists who are experienced in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatment options. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained neurologist partners with patients and providers to develop the most effective treatment plan and empower patients to manage their conditions.



These exams typically are performed in the provider's office and start with a conversation about your symptoms, concerns, and medical history. Based on that information, your exam could include evaluations of your mobility, fine motor skills, and coordination; speech, vision, hearing, sense of smell, and sense of taste; sense of touch and ability to feel pain; and memory and other cognitive skills.


Our neurology team will develop a comprehensive treatment plan that reflects your needs and goals. Depending on your condition, the plan may involve medication, including infusion therapies; rehabilitation; pain management; nutrition support; and other services to help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

Your neurologist may order lab work, imaging, and other tests to confirm or rule out a neurological disorder or other medical condition. Depending on your symptoms, you might have a CT scan or MRI, lumbar puncture to analyze your cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), electromyography (EMG) to evaluate your muscles, or electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor your brain's electrical activity. Your provider will gladly answer your questions, including what to expect during the test and why it is being ordered.

The Diagnostic Center

Teleneurology gives us access to board-certified neurologists for consultations on stroke care and other emergencies. Advanced video-conferencing technology enables our emergency medicine team to partner with a remote neurologist 24/7 on prompt diagnosis and care. Together, they examine the patient, review images and lab results, and decide on the best course of treatment. Teleneurology also allows up to bring a remote neurologist to the bedside for routine consults on inpatient care.

Alfred Z. Solomon Emergency Center

Imaging plays a key role in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring. We offer advanced imaging services, under the guidance and expertise of highly skilled medical professionals.

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