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Nursing Excellence

magnet hospital seal for nursing excellenceGlens Falls Hospital has been recognized as a Magnet Organization by the Commission on Magnet since 2021. Magnet recognition is considered a gold standard for nursing excellence. To receive Magnet Recognition by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), an organization must demonstrate excellent quality outcomes, satisfied patients, and engaged nurses. Creating and sustaining a culture of excellence is what it means to be on the Magnet journey.

Our Nursing Philosophy

It is the belief of the professional nursing staff at Glens Falls Hospital that every patient and family has the right to holistic, compassionate, competent, ethical, quality health care throughout all stages of illness and health. The quality of that nursing care is enhanced by community involvement, continuing education, fiscal responsibility and evidence-based practice to improve outcomes across the continuum of care.

Nursing is committed to patient and family-centered care and dedicated to getting patients to their highest level of self-care while promoting health, healing, and wellness. We are strengthening our practice through continuous learning, innovation, and nursing research.

We believe in creating a dynamic nursing environment that is safe, trusting, and collaborative and provides exemplary care at every level. It is an environment based on mutual respect and personal integrity where our patients feel comfortable and confident in the care they receive and our colleagues are supported and nurtured. It embodies clinical expertise, empowerment, lifelong learning, shared leadership, research, and use of current knowledge and technology while fostering recruitment and retention of nurses who demonstrate integrity, accountability, competency, and professionalism.

Commitment to Diversity

At Glens Falls Hospital we are committed to achieving an environment of inclusion and equity that respects, affirms and leverages the backgrounds and life experiences of our workforce and the communities we serve. Across our health care system we are mindful of all aspects of human differences, such as socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, language, nationality, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, geography, disability and age. We recognize that excellence in all aspects of care and service delivery can only be achieved when staff, patients, and residents genuinely connect and engage across cultures to create health equity.

The Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion was established in 2020 to help us achieve this vision.

Nurse Satisfaction

In a recent nurse satisfaction survey, Glens Falls Hospital was proud to have outperformed other national hospitals in seven out of eight categories:

  • RN to RN interaction
  • RN to MD interaction
  • Autonomy
  • Professional development access
  • Nursing management
  • Perceived quality of care
  • Adequacy of resources

Nursing Recognition

Each year during Nurses Week, we recognize nurses who demonstrate excellence in nursing practice, teamwork, and enthusiasm. Nurses are recognized as Clinical Nurse of the Year, Nurse Leader of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Magnet Champion of the Year, and Nursing Team of the Year. Additionally, “The Glennie” is awarded to a team inclusive of nurses that has made a substantial contribution to the advancement of care for patients during the year.


We also honor nurses quarterly with the prestigious DAISY award.

Find out more about nominating a nurse.

Contribution to Innovation

Glens Falls Hospital nurses have the opportunity to display their research and evidence-based practice projects at the annual Posters on Parade event. Our nurses participate in advancing our vision of becoming a leader in advancing the profession of nursing evidenced by our compassionate, collaborative, evidence-based care for patients, family, and community. Our nurses are also supported and have the opportunity to present their work as a poster or podium presentation throughout the country at various local, regional, and national conferences.

Nurse Residency Program at Glens Falls Hospital

Our accredited Nurse Residency Program helps support newly hired nurses as they transition from new graduate to a competent, professional nurse! The purpose of the Nurse Residency Program is to provide the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes the novice nurse needs to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team, use informatics & evidence-based practice, and provide safe, quality, patient and family-centered care during the transition to competent nurse.

Learn more about the Glens Falls Hospital Nurse Residency Program.

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For more information on nursing opportunities, please contact:

Rachel DeLane
Talent Acquisition Specialist
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